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so yeah my name is emily but you can call me em or ems
My blog is mostly issues but i like a lot of bands so i'll reblog others too!
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Waiting for: issues' headliner and the release of the mad at myself music video
Watching: skins
Reading: the lord of the rings
Working on: nothing atm
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the amity affliction, ed sheeran's new album, (and issues as always)
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Feel free to message me any time! However if i dont answer right away im probably not home, trying not to spam people with asks, or sleeping(my sleeping schedule is fucked im sorry) Also, if i dont post your ask it could be because someone else said something similar or because the message made me uncomfortable/upset. So i'm not ignoring you! But dont let all this scare you off haha i love your messages!
♥Have a lovely day♥
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Hannah is the sweetest person ever ok

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